Animal Science Department conducts Campus–wide Anti-Rabies Vaccination

by Alexis Miole, DVM
Agri Anti Rabies

As part of their requirements Agricultural course, some Animal Science students conducted a free campus-wide anti-rabies vaccination on companion animals, specifically dogs and cats last May 15, 2019. The students went house-to-house administering the vaccine. Vaccination cards and tags were also distributed as proofs. Information drive was reinforced through leaflets regarding the dreaded rabies virus.
Dr. Alexis Miole spearheaded the event in partnership with the City Veterinary Office of General Santos. To ensure safety, Dr. Miole supervised the students on how to properly restrain aggressive animals. The City Veterinary Office confirmed that from January to April of this year, ten dogs were positive with rabies. This data reaffirms the need to strengthen policies and activities to ensure rabies prevention.



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