ASPEN commits to maintain linkage with MSU-GSC

by Usmaima Usman, MD
ASPEN commits to maintain linkage with MSU-GSC

ASPEN Multi-system Corporation, a distributor of laboratory equipment and manufacturer of laboratory furniture whose main clientele is the educational sector like the Mindanao State University, has conveyed its commitment to maintain linkage and support to the University. Last April 8, 2019, Mr. Adrian Fajardo, Jr., the Account Executive of ASPEN, visited the Medical Services Department (MSD) to turn over the Corporation’s donations to the department. BOR Secretary Usman D. Aragasi, along with some MSU Main officials, was also present to express their support to the University and to extend their thanks to the ASPEN Corporation. ASPEN is also the leading provider of high technology simulators for Healthcare Training.



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