Chancellor Ali signs international MOA

by Cathy Mae Toquero, MAT

With high hopes of a better development for the academe, Dr. H. Ade Dedi Rohayana, Rector of Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) from Pekalongan, Indonesia asked for partnership with Mindanao State UniversityGeneral Santos City (MSU-GSC). In behalf of MSU-GSC, the Chancellor, Dr. Anshari P. Ali responded with fervor as he traveled on June 20, 2019 in Indonesia with two goals to accomplish. First and foremost, Dr. Ali entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on academic cooperation for both institutions. The two leaders discussed on establishing legal agreement in educational matters, research interests, and training programs. The said MOA specifically accounts for promoting cooperation of both parties in the exchange of faculty, staff, and student scholars alongside scholarly and pedagogical materials. Such partnership also endeavors to conduct joint research, facilitate student admission between countries, assist in technical training, and any other cooperation binding for the two academes. Upon date of signing, the MOA will last for five years and may be extended subject to agreement of the two leader representatives. Aside from this international academic engagement, the Rector of IAIN also asked Dr. Ali to serve as guest speaker during IAIN’s seminar with the theme: “Islamic Education in Indonesia and the Philippines: Opportunities and Challenges.” As a result of his travel to Indonesia, a partnership has been forged formally between parties. Since MSU-GSC envisions to be a globally competitive university, the international partnership can supplement for the realization of MSU-GSC’s mandate to keep abreast to producing graduates who can compete in the global market.



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