Dr. Cabanlit presents Papers in Five Research Conferences

by Cathy Mae D. Toquero

Dr. Cabanlit presents Papers in Five Research Conferences

Research Director, Dr. Epimaco A. Cabanlit, Jr., presented two papers in two international conferences and two papers in three national conferences in 2019.

Last August 17-23, 2019, Dr. Cabanlit presented a poster presentation entitled “On the Mixture of Two Power Function Distributions” at the 2019 World Statistics Congress in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia. The paper was co-authored with his advisee, Ms. Mycah Nailon, and focused on the important summaries of the mixture of two power function distributions. In the said congress, Dr. Cabanlit advocated that: “When there is peace, there is growth, when there is hope, there is development and when there is love, there is development.” Dr. Cabanlit is now an elected member of the International Statisticalv Institute that administers the World Statistical Congresses. It is a very prestigious organization of prominent and dignified statisticians with integrity all around the world.

Last October 17-19, 2019, Dr. Cabanlit presented his paper entitled “Digraph as a model for Peace Key Players in Muslim Mindanao” at the International Conference on Multicultural Education, Linguistics, Counseling and Social Sciences which won the Best Paper in Counseling and Social Sciences. The said paper presents different models by using digraphs on the different scenarios of peace in Muslim Mindanao. He emphasized and advocated that Filipinos shall love one another and stop corruption in the Philippines.

Last May 27-29, 2019, on the 2019 Mathematical Society of the Philippines Annual Convention at Greenleaf Hotel, General Santos City and on September 13-15 , 2019 on the 2019 Mathematical Society of the Philippines CARAGA Chapter at Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center, Butuan City, Dr. Cabanlit presented another paper entitled “Some Malpractices on the Regression Analysis,” which discussed some of the malpractices committed by thesis and dissertation writers in using regression analysis. He suggested that the Commission on Higher Education shall impose a policy that a prominent statistician shall sit as a member for quantitative researches. Moreover, every state university and college must have a Center for Statistics. Dr. Cabanlit is also developing a paper on some malpractices in estimating the measures of central tendency.

Last December 9-11, 2019 on the 4th Mindanao State University System Research Summit and Innovation, Dr. Cabanlit presented another paper entitled “Mathematical Cliques in the Mindanao State University System Board of Regents,” which discussed a model by using digraphs to determine the most powerful member in the Board of Regents. Dr. Elmer Dadios of the De La Salle University (DLSU) commented that MSU has almost all of the courses offered and needed by the country such as College of Agriculture, College of Fisheries and College of Forestry.

Currently, Dr. Cabanlit is one of the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize for his book “Mathematics of Peace, War and Terrorism.” He remarked that the highest level of satisfaction and happiness of a scholar is when he can share his outcomes and discoveries to the community.

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