CSSH holds Literature to Filmmaking Seminar Workshop

by Rossel Audencial, MIE

MSU-GSC holds Cervical Cancer Symposium for Women’s Month

A symposium on Cervical Cancer was held at the AVR of the University Library last March 25, 2019. This is initiated by the Medical Services Department, in coordination with the Gender and Development Program of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension and the Family Planning of the Philippines (FPOP), in celebration of the National Women’s Month. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension, Dr. Edna P. Oconer, welcomed the participants. Dr. Usmaima F. Usman, the Medical Services Designate Director, gave the lecture which was followed by an open forum. Dr. Usman said that women empowerment must also come with proper education on reproductive health. Visual inspection with Acetic Acid (VIAA), a screening test for possible cervical cancer, was also given for free to all interested faculty and staff. The test was done in the university infirmary which was facilitated by the FPOP and Infirmary Staff. The department is set to conduct similar activities in the future to further establish linkages with some medical/ health agencies.



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