MSU GSC Medical Services Hold Programs in the Fight Against Covid19 Pandemic

By Usmaima Lily Fatima Usman-Naga, M.D.

in the fight agains Covid 19

As early as February 2020, the Medical Services Department of the Mindanao State University General Santos Campus launched several measures and intervention in support of the already existing policies of the government in the fight against the Covid19 pandemic.

Official visits to the City Health Office were done to acquire official data and relevant protocols in addressing possible Covid cases that may arise in the university community. To reinforce the extensive information drive of the Department of Health and the World Health Organization, the Medical Services Department published and released infographics through the social media platform. Emphasis on several preventive measures such as regular handwashing was also highlighted in the department’s official Facebook page. Subsequently, Covid19 brochures and pamphlets were also distributed among MSU employees, staff and students.

On March 11, 2020, an extensive discussion regarding Covid19 was presented during the Campus Executive Committee Meeting which eventually led to the creation of MSU GSC Task Force Covid headed by Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (VCAF) Edgardo Dazo, JD. The creation of the said taskforce served as a jumpstart for the Medical Services to launch its Infectious Control Committee whose task is to recommend guidelines to the Task Force to prevent the potential spread of Covid and to come up with mechanisms in addressing the evolving nature of the disease.

Guidelines and interventions that were established included the 3-day Campus-wide building disinfection, MSU GSC Utility Staff Orientation on Surface Disinfection and Covid19 Prevention and the Implementation of Covid19 Precautionary Measures such as Provision of Footbaths and Thermal Scanners to both entry and exit points of the University.  All scheduled activities of the Medical Services that required assembly of students were also suspended. Emergency purchases of necessary medical equipment and supplies were also done to provide adequate supply especially to the frontliners.

Services of the MSU infirmary are also extended by launching the Online Medical Consultation. A virtual nurse initially assesses the patients and refers to the physician for the prescription. The online consultation is also an effort to reinforce the Stay at Home policy of the government and to also decongest the various medical facilities in the community. Such initiatives are not only limited to medical assistance but also mental health issues which are addressed by referring them to the university’s Guidance Counselors. The infirmary is also made open even on weekends to cater to patients.

To continuously support the department, several donors provided the staff’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Dr. Anderson Villa, together with his doctoral students gladly donated face shields to the Medical staff. Busting Covid19 Team headed by Dr. Jaime Namocatcat also delivered their donations which consist of face shields, washable masks, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers and disinfectants to the Medical department.

Furthermore, the Medical Services Department, with the support of Chancellor Anshari P. Ali, continues to provide services to the university constituents as the world endures the fight against the pandemic.

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