Peace Advocates, FPE101 Teachers Participate in Peace Workshop

by Cathy Mae D. Toquero

Peace Advocates, FPE101 Teachers Participate in Peace Workshop

Peace Advocates and Fundamentals of Peace Education 101 (FPE101) faculty of MSU-GSC attended a Seminar-Workshop on Peace and Global Citizenship Education to strengthen peace pedagogy.

Participants of the seminar-workshop were from different disciplines of MSU-GSC to include faculty members from the English Department, BA&A, Fisheries, Engineering, Agriculture, Senior High School, and College of Education Training Department. Teachers of FPE101 gained critical inputs imbued with the process of introspection on October 28 to 30, 2019 at Sarangani Highlands, General Santos City.

Dr. Jovar Pantao, UNESCO’s 2017 Most Outstanding Teacher of the Philippines, delivered the talk on “Understanding Vulnerability and Resilience to Violence.” “Truth is simple…then peace is simple but violence is a lie so violence is complex,” Dr. Pantao quoted.

The invited speaker, Dr. Swee-Hin Toh, awarded as Distinguished Professor University for Peace Costa Rica Laureate, UNESCO’s Laureate for Peace Education, and Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta-Canada, spearheaded series of topics and workshops on Peace Education and Global Citizenship Education (GCED).

Dr. Toh’s topics focused on preparing teachers for Peace Education by embedding GCED concepts, principles, themes, topics, and learning objectives. He also led workshops on conflict resolution and transformation in peace education, education for global/local justice, intercultural education for building a culture of peace, and education for sustainable future. He also facilitated along with Dr. Mario Aguja on the forum on Peace Education for prevention of violent extremism.

Dr. Toh presented scenarios that illustrated the damaging effects of the prevalence of violence locally and globally. He elaborated on the framework of Global Citizenship Education anchored on the Sustainable Development Goals and envisioned the peace advocates of MSU-GSC to contribute to the culture of peace for the entire world.

“Since you are developing FPE, Peace Education, I hope to see the outcomes, results in the years to come,” Dr. Toh said.

For teachers to integrate GCED in Fundamentals of Peace Education, Dr. Mario Aguja spearheaded the workshop on the development of an instructional plan. While, Dr. Ma. Theresa P. Pelones, UNESCO’s 2018 Most Outstanding Teacher of the Philippines, facilitated the development of an instructional plan by embedding GCED concepts across the disciplines.

MSU-GSC Chancellor, Dr. Anshari P. Ali supported the event and shared insights on Islamic Education as a Remedy for Emergence of Uncertainty Brought by Industrial Revolution 4.0.

UNESCO’s APTW funded the workshop after the proposal of Dr. Ma. Theresa Pelones won the grant after competing against 30 Asian countries. Hence, funding was devoted to the second batch of faculty members to integrate GCED in different courses and to train prospective teachers of FPE101.

MSU-GSC has a responsibility to proliferate the essence of peace in the country along with its aim to be a National Peace University. It hopes to achieve this vision through the strength of educating and empowering the youth –students to advocate for peace.

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