Esmaida H. Andang, LPT, M.Ed

Before Mindanao State University’s establishment here in General Santos City in 1967, a group of civic-spirited citizens in the community foresaw the need of a public high school as there was none in the city. This group led by Mr. Vic Tajanlangit and Mr.Jacobino Java Sr. considered MSU in Marawi City as one that could possibly fill the void. They, along with local officials led by the late Mayor Antonio C. Acharon, community and Muslim leaders, made representations with Dr. Antonio Isidro, the University President, to put up a high school right here in General Santos City.

Mindanao State University – College of Education Training Department, General Santos City (MSU-CETD,GSC) started as a community high school in June 1967 at Dadiangas West Elementary School with 227 students and teachers supervised by the principal of the elementary school, Mr. Jacobino Java Sr. It was governed by the school board of 15 members, composed of all parents with Mindanao State University-Marawi providing technical guidance, academic supervision and assistance in the form of books and laboratory equipment.

In 1971, Dr. Mauyag Tamano, the subsequent President of MSU-Marawi and the local school board signed the MOA to elevate the status of the high school to that of a Junior College known as the MSU General Santos Community College.

In November 1973, through the BOR Resolution 822, MSU Community College, General Santos City became the integral unit of MSU-Marawi thus making it the community high school department of Mindanao State University-General Santos City.

The high school department was transferred to its present campus in the year 1977.

On March 9, 1990 during the Board of Regents (BOR) 140th meeting, the high school was converted as a laboratory school or training school of the College of Education through its Resolution No. 60 s. 1990.

The implementing guidelines of its conversion was approved through BOR No. 248 s. 1994 in its 157th meeting on November 10, 1994 thus changing its name to Mindanao State University- College of Education Training Department, General Santos City (MSU-CETD, GSC).


Address: J.P. Laurel Avenue, #001 Brgy. North , General Santos City
Date Established: June 1967 ( as a community highschool) & March 9, 1990 (as a CETD)
Contact Number: 0961-314-6694 (smart ) or 0936-369-0372 (globe)

MSU-CETD serves as  laboratory school or training school of the College of Education of the Mindanao State Unversity-General Santos City. It is a home to five hundred (500) students with diverse background and ethnicity. This school is one of the schools in Region XII that  models  a socially cohesive community of the Muslims, Lumads and the settlers in the Southern part of Mindanao.

Mindanao State University-College of Education Training Department, GSC envisions “to become a globally competitive university and a center of excellence in Secondary Education in SOCCSKSARGEN (South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos) area.”

To realize its vision, MSU-CETD GSC commits to produce globally competitive students who are academically prepared for college work and who are technically competent for gainful occupation.

To achieve its mission, the MSU-CETD, GSC aims to:

  • develop academic excellence among students in the fields of Languages, Mathematics and Science and Technology;
  • instill good moral values among students;
  • train students acquire the necessary skills in research, media and information technology, industrial arts and entrepreneurship;
  • engage students in community service; and
  • promote holistic development and culture of peace through spiritual, social, cultural, recreational and physical activities.


Director                                                     Esmaida H. Andang, M.Ed., LPT

Academic Head                                                Renante C. Magoncia, M.S.,LPT

Chairperson, Language Dept.                                  Judy Baldemor, LPT

Chairperson, Mathematics/IT Dept.                           Renante C. Magoncia, M.S.,LPT

Chairperson, Science Dept.                                   Ammabel O. Alza, M.A.,LPT

Chairperson, Social Science Dept.                            Raquel O. Campos, LPT

Chairperson, MAPEH/TLE Dept.                               Elsie B. Decenilla,LPT

Coordinator, SADB                                            Rhumer S. Lanojan, MAEd.,LPT

Guidance Counselor                                           Cristy Gonzaga, MAEd., RGC

Administrative Officer                                       Abraham Marohombsar

CETD Librarian                                               Nenita P. Non, M.S., RL

Records In-Charge                                            Marlinda Loable